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Ontario Waterproofing specializes in all you basement waterproofing needs. Our clients are ensured topmost quality and complete satisfaction on every project. We ensure our clients are happy with the service we provide by making sure they feel invited and informed throughout every stage. Every home is treated like our own from start to completion and every detail is handled with the utmost care.

Our contractors and staff are all fully qualified for the job. For every basement waterproofed, we bring in personalized consultation to meet our client needs. This includes a risk-benefit assessment of your basement, affordable pricing options, and project timelines.

Let’s work together to get rid of all your leaky basement concerns and create more room for everything else you would love to do with this new found dry space. Enjoy your basement dry free and experience why we are the top professional in the waterproofing industry.

Foundation Repair

Why do you need a foundation repair when the damage is small or your home is relatively new? A recently bought home can have the same impact structurally as an older home when plans of renovations extend beyond the original structural capacity of your home. The plans and use of your home may not proceed further because of structural issues that can result in extra costs, and re-dos of paint and dry walling.

In addition, it is required when reselling that you inform the buyers of any structural issues which can cause you to lose on potential income. To solve the problem immediately means complete control over the design and space of your basement. The value of your home is secure and safe knowing there are no problems on your end.

Foundation issues can include cracked walls, bulging floors, and more. A problem in foundation can mean serious structural concerns to your home. Movement and/or settlement in your foundation can be caused by cracks due to improper soil compaction, expansive clay, or poor maintenance in its surrounding vicinity. Structural damage not only destroys home value but it’s unsafe for you and your family. If you don’t take immediate action, the foundation can sink and cause more serious harm.

Some signs of exterior foundation problems you can look out for include broken/cracked bricks/foundation, wall rotation, and separation around walls/windows. Interior concerns including cracks in floor, misaligned windows and doors.

Repairs to Bowling or Buckling

The basement walls of your home goes through a lot of pressure from soil fluidity and ground water from the outside to supporting the rest of your house from the inside. This means the structural integrity can be affected if your foundation walls are damaged causing water leakage into your basement.

Bowling or Buckling to your basement walls occur from hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when the force of the water against the walls exceeds the capacity of the wall’s weight. If there is bowling or buckling to your walls, then it has been a developing problem. Your basement walls can bow to soil lethargy from the expansion caused by frost or expansive clays. Some signs that indicate bowling or buckling of your basement walls include walls leaning from the top, tilting, wall cracks, bulging in the walls, etc.

There are many options to fix a bowing or buckling basement wall including replacement of the foundation, rebuilding the foundation walls, foundation anchors, steel beam foundation reinforcement, and foundation helical anchors.

Mould Remediation

One major health concern that can arise from your leaky basement are mould problems. You might be smelling this damp, musty moisture coming from your basement walls. This means there is a chance you are breathing in harmful spores. In the right temperature and moisture environment, mold development is not restricted to one area but can be and/or grow anywhere.

Egress Windows for your Basement

An egress window is important to think through when renovating your basement. It makes a great aesthetic statement as an additional light source and provides an above ground feeling from your basement height. You can have it custom made and have a design plan that brings your character to the home. Not only are they a beautiful piece to your home but provides another crucial means of entering/exiting a dwelling especially when there is an emergency i.e. fire. The location matters when qualifying for an egress window.

Exterior or Interior waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing is a better choice because downspouts/gutters will keep water away from your basement while a waterproof casing will protect your foundation. On the other hand, interior waterproofing directs water into sump pumps away from your home by utilizing pipes/drains. Although, this may be cost-effective without exterior systems in place the foundation may crack/collapse overtime. Exterior waterproofing is also desirable if you have completely renovated/finished basements.

Disadvantage of exterior waterproofing is that it may require removal and reinstallation of your garden, patio or anything near the source of your water concerns. After your basement has been waterproofed, you will most likely need to re-landscape as the area needs to be excavated to install a waterproof system.

Why do I need to waterproof my basement?

There are the obvious reasons such as ensuring your property value and avoiding damage to your personal belongings. Then, there are concerns about cracks in walls, in the floor, peeling paint, stains and rust to name a few. There are also health concerns such as mold development and odor issues.

What is the difference between waterproofing and damp-proofing?

Waterproofing is applied to the foundation externally to prevent water from seeping through utilizing hydrostatic pressure. Damp proofing is done to meet the minimal building code standards during the process of construction.

How do you get water infiltration/moisture?

Water infiltration/moisture comes from many natural causes including water pressure from beneath the earth/footings/foundation walls. The water pressure can arise from uncontrollable weather conditions such as heavy snow or rainfall. Water leakage can occur from soil composition and whether it readily drains ground water or absorbs it causing the process to be slow and consequently, collect moisture. Drainage systems can be a problem whether it’s old, improperly installed, rusting or clogged from natural remnants. Windows can also accumulate moisture through poor maintenance.

Over the top of wall

  • Soil grade improperly formed
  • Improper caulking or tuck-pointing of finished materials
  • Downspouts directed improperly
  • Roof water

Floor/Wall joint

  • Absence or failure of a drain tile system.

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